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List of things Jaime has thrown out a window.
1. Bran
2. His character development


Favorite Musicians: The Doors

She lives on love street


Muff and cape with Worth skirt, 1890’s

From the collection of Alexandre Vassiliev via Fashion Blog


The Will and Slave Girl

Saga 04


Any time Ted did something wrong, douchy, hurtful, gross, etc. was followed by excuses and explanations like “can you blame me, kids?” like YES I CAN BLAME YOU, YOU INSENSITIVE SELFISH BRAT
And I’m convinced most everything thrown in about Barney being a douche was to make him look better by comparison WHEN HE COULD BE JUST AS GROSS AND WORSE CUZ AT LEAST BARNEY TAKES NO FOR AN ANSWER AND MOVES ON.


"She gave her heart, to a falling star
The news filtered through of his tragedy
All the walls went up,
Around the world she declines
As the tears from her eyes fall
No one understands and no one will
All she has lost,
If he’s not here, then where?”